Games Consultant

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Daniel King has written a book on board games & card games (see books section), and acted as games consultant for TV programmes, companies, computer game designers, websites and book publishers.

2010 Devised game and ran stage for Intelligent Sport (part of IMG)

2008 Devised and ran games workshop for A&DC Ltd.

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2008 Devised and ran games workshop at Play Matters annual conference

2005-2009 Created games pack for the charity Play Matters for use in Extended Schools clubs.This was supplemented with regular articles that are available to download.

2004-2006 Devised strategic games and ran stages for Challenger World

2005 Adviser for Scottish and Newcastle Ltd

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Editorial advisor to B.T. Batsford

2003 Consultant for BAM entertainment on ‘Game Boy Advanced’

2000 Producer for Kasparov Chess Online. A series of online multimedia lessons.

1999 and 2001 Devised & demonstrated games for contestants on Cilla Black’s ‘Moment of Truth’ (LWT)

1998: Chess consultant for episode of ‘Holby City’ (BBC TV)